Sunday, July 16, 2006

U better than me? I better than u?

How can you compare two people? When we know that each one of us is unique here, how can we compare two personalities? Is it because we try to search for negativities or imperfections in people?

She is beautiful;she is ugly. He is rich;he is very poor. She sings well; he croaks. She is fair;she is dark.The list goes on and on.

Each one of us here have unique traits and characteristics. And we are all special, aren't we? Each one of us are bundled with positive and negative factors. It would be unfair to expect mirror images in all. How fair is it would be to compare Rahul Dravid to Shahrukh Khan? How fair is it to compare Sophia Loren with Medha Patkar? How can you say one is better than the other? If you carefully observe, then they become good, worse or best according to your judgement or opinion. And we judge them according to our set expectations.

Comparisons are more when two people work in the same field. There are comparisons between friends and even siblings. And the saddest part is that I know of some cases where these comparisons have actually led to lot of superiority or inferiority complexes.

Do comparisons happen when we don't accept people as they are? Do we try to find someone else in that person?

Well, I know that despite of whatever I am trying to say here, people will definitely continue with their comparisons. Maybe just turning a deaf ear to them and surging ahead with faith in ourselves is the best way to tackle these empty, hollow comparisons.:))


Rebus said...

You can say we came here to evolve; though on the base level we just are left with pithy comaprisons for the yardstick;

I guess the real reason would be to prove "I am always right"; while between two people/things how "my preference fairs better". So its just me me and me.

Madhooo said...

@rebus: U may be right. I had never looked at it from this perspective.:))