Friday, July 07, 2006

My rekindled pastime:)

Kannada was a part of my school syllabus since first standard. It was the third language. But then at home, my mom used to make me read kannada books and magazines. I remember that when we went to movies, she would read out the titles written in Kannada loudly so that I could start recognizing the Kannada letters. So after all this initial training by mom, I read my first kannada novel in seventh standard. And I continued reading kannada novels all through my high school, PUC and initial years of my engineering college. At the same time, my interest in english books increased and before I knew I was busy reading english fiction. Thus my kannada novel reading discontinued. Still sometimes amidst my english novels, I would read some kannada masterpieces here and then.

Since one month, I had been feeling a bit restless. I was getting bored with the routine. So I was planning to join a class. Then I remembered that I had this membership in a private library near by. But I had never got enough time to read the books at the library. Therefore I thought that I should make use of that library and get rid of my boredom.:)

So I have started my reading spree of kannda novels again. And I must honestly confess that I have been enjoying it a lot. It had been ages since I read books of Mangala Satyan, Usha Navarathnaram, H.G.Radhadevi and so on. I am trying to finish one novel every day ( No, they are not very voluminous). I have completely stopped watching TV now. Instead I am hooked to these novels. I donno how long will I continue this rekindled hobby of mine. But at least now, I am thouroughly enjoying it. :))))


Rebus said...

Follow your heart; and the mind will follow.

ME said...

glad to know u can read kannada. Knowledge of one's mother tongue is a pleasure in itself. I for one rue the fact I can't read mine very well. Good luck with the novels. May be u next post will be on that:)

krupesh said...

yup, there is nothing like reading literature written in your mother tongue. glad you are making time to read regularly. and when are you starting your kannada blog :-)

Madhooo said...

@rebus: Beautiful:)

@me: Yes, it is fun to read books in one's mother tongue. I am sure that you will be able to read your mother tongue with little practice. So try for sure.:))
Yep, I will come with a post on these books soon.:)))

@krupesh: Ya, time is the critical factor for this hobby. Lemme see how far can I go.:) My kannda blog will has started already with english font.Hahahahaha....I am still having probs with kannada font.

Viewer said...

Well i like to read some mallu novels once in a while .... gets u back in touch wit ur roots in a weird way