Monday, July 24, 2006

Classical Delight

This sunday, we had gone to a special music concert. My uncle had invited us to an all day long music concert on the occasion of Guru Poornima. The concert started at 10 AM and ended at 10:45 PM.

On Guru Poornima, usually the disciples of a guru perform. It is their way of offering tribute to their Guru. When you go to such concerts, you need to remember that you will see lots of novices as many of them will be performing for the first time. It is a great pleasure to go to such concerts because there will be no known faces and so the audience is open minded.

I go to the Guru Poornima concert every year. This year, nine of his disciples performed. And my uncle gave a grand finale to the concert. Most of the disciples were between 15-28 years. They brought so much of freshness and enthusiasm in their music. I was thrilled when I heard them presenting complicated raagas. Kudos to all of them for puting so much of hard work and dedication which definitely showed in their performances. Let me try recalling some of the raagas:
- Chaitanya sang Jogkauns ( I had heard jogkauns by Rashid Khan and it is mindblowing. I must say that Chaitanya provided fair justice to the raaga)
- Aathma sang Bilaskhani Todi ( I had heard this Todi by Ajay Pohankar. Aathma sang it very flawlessly and melodiously.)
- Kaushik sang Shudda Saarang ( I had not heard much if this Raaga. Kaushik presented the Raaga very technically and effortlessly.)
- Siri sang Pooriya Dhanashree ( She has just finished her 10th. Siri has got a very powerful voice and I must say that she is definitely on the way to carve a niche in the field of music.)
- Amritha sang Bhageshree ( I have been hearing her every Guru Poornima. every year, she seems to come up with better performances.)
- Nethra sang Vaachaspathi ( This is a very rare raaga. Netra sang it beautifully.)
- Meera sang Jeevanpuri ( I was listening to her for the first time. She has got a very impressive voice.)
- My uncle sang Oudhava Bhageshree as the final event in the concert. I had not heard this Raag before. His performance was the cherry on the cake. It is always a great pleasure to listen to him.

Hoping to attend more of such concerts in future.:)


Rebus said...

Kudos to all disciples for keeping the guru-shishya tradition alive.

Art and tradition form the wheels through which the civilization moves forward.

ME said...

me also tried to learn carnatic music for a few months. left after the first level. It was a very pleasing experience. I think the south is a great place ofr such concerts

Madhooo said...

@rebus: Yes, it is definitely heart warming to see the guru-shishya tradition alive. I hope we get to see more of it.:)

I liked the line- Art and tradition form the wheels through which the civilization moves forward.

@me: That has been my story too, but with Hindustani Classical.:)))