Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yesterday,I watched the kannada play, "Neenaanadre Naaneenena" at Ranga Shankara.

I have not been to many plays before. I remember very vaguely of going to "Nodi Swamy Naavirodhe Heege" kannada play when I was in second standard. So yesterday was a very new, fresh and exciting experience to me.

It was based on the kannada version of "Comedy of Errors". At every comic instance, we audience would break into loud laughter. The actors did a very good job. I wondered aloud about how they actually delivered those lengthy dialogues with so much of ease. The sets were very simple, yet creative.

There were lot of well-known faces in the crowd. And I kept bugging Ravi about who they were and in which serials/movies did they act.:)

It was a great, electrifying experience. Everything seemed so real and simple. It was remarkable to see the house full. Kudos to Arundhati Nag for breathing life into plays by building Ranga Shankara. I think she has actually given a very genuine tribute to Shankar Nag through Ranga Shankara.


Tenali said...

Finally, u started watching plays. Cool.

Ray Ben said...

Yup! Rangashankara is simply doing great. If they schedule it, watch Arundhati NAg ni "Heap of Broken Images." They also have the original knnada version i guess. great performance.

Anand said...

your post suddenly got me nostalgic and reminded me of all the plays had watched and now I miss all that in HK!:-(

Madhooo said...

@tenali: Yep, I hope to continue this journey.:))

@ray ben: I will definitely watch that play if they schedule it.:)))

@anand: :)) May be you should try to catch up on some plays when you come to India.