Monday, April 10, 2006


Yesterday as I was busy window-shopping, I thought I saw a familiar face near the shop. She too was staring at me. I knew that she was my college mate. But I could not recollect her name even though I tried hard. And before I could think further, she said,"Hi Madhooo". I managed a "Hi" and then a strange voice in my heart told me that her name was X. And I have great faith in the slogan of Hindi films which says- Listen to your heart always. So I started suffixing her name in whatever I spoke to her. Finally, at the end of the conversation, she gave me her phone number. I was trying to store the number under name X in my mobile. And then she said,"Madhooo, my name is Y, and not X". I don't think I have to describe further how I felt at that time.:)) more in the list of my misnomer mishaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ekta said...

happens soooo often to me!!!
and u know wat happened on my wedding day!! hubby still tells this joke to everyone!
Its like people coming and wishing us during the reception and people I knew as kids but then just didnt recall their names and ended up saying...
"err...this is my dad's very good friend...uncle!'s very close friend...aunty!"...heheh

Madhooo said...

:)))))))) Many a times, the english words "Uncle" and "Aunty" are BIG rescuers, @ekta.:))