Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tough times never last!

During one of the worst phases of my life, I was very crest fallen. That was a time when I had lost faith in myself. I had loads of self pity attitude- Why me? Everything seemed very hazy. It was at this time I came across the book, "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!" by Robert.H.Schuller. I was not a staunch believer of philosophical books then. Even then I started reading this book; maybe it was a mere timepass. Slowly I got hooked onto this book. I almost started living this book. I tried practising the concepts mentioned in this book. And I must say, it worked! I think above all, this book gave me hope. I then passed on this book to others who needed hope.

Today as I was walking through my office, I found the same book on my colleague's desk. Just when I have been going through some grave, depressing situations, I found this book yet again. And yes, I did not waste my time. I borrowed the book from my colleague and now it lies on my desk. Yep, I shall read it again ( for the umpteenth time). Who knows, it might work again!:))

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