Sunday, April 16, 2006

About Annavru ( that is the nickname of Rajkumar)

I had been planning to write a post on Rajkumar since a long time. But then somehow I kept postponing it. But when I heard of his demise, I decided to pen my thoughts about him immediately.

I have grown up with Rajkumar's movies. I have always found them interesting. Most of his movies were unique and family watchable. People say that he was best at mythological roles. But I think he provided justice to most of the roles he performed. Be it the potter in "Bhaktha Kumbara", or the unemployed guy in "Bhagayada Lakshmi Baramma", or the strict father in "Bhaagyavantharu", or the altruistic rich guy in "Kasturi Nivasa"- his performances were memorable.

He spoke excellent pure kannada. He had a perfect dialect and he varied it with the roles he played accordingly. I have seen many literary figures falter while trying to speak pure kannada. But Rajkumar spoke "shuddha" kannada very easily and impeccably.

The best part about him was that he was a fantabulous singer. He has been a national award recipient for playback singing. I always felt that he had a very versatile voice.

Dr.Rajkumar refused to cash on his demi God status. He declined to join politics, unlike his peers in the other south Indian states.

From whatever I have seen of him, or read about him, I know that he was very simple, humble and disciplined. And I think these are the virtues that gave him a permanent place in the hearts of kannadigas

About the riots that followed Annavru's death

When I saw people burning vehicles, petrol bunks and pelting stones, I was really bewildered for a moment. And you could see the same people waving and grinning at the cameras. Who were these people? It did not look as if they were mournful about Raj's death. It was really painful to see his family vainly requesting the mob to move away so that they could perform the last rites. The mob did not even let Raj's family grieve over his death. What a shameful act!!!

If these people were "true fans", then they would have given a very good tribute to Annavru. If they were upset about his death, then they could have grieved instead of making others grieve. It is sad to see that the misdeeds of these hooligans, these fanatics have brought a bad name to the fans of Dr.Rajkumar.

Finally, I feel that Rajkumar will always be alive through his films and songs. That is the best part of being an artist, isn't it? An artist always is immortal through his/her art.


Tenali said...

My personal fave is "Bangarada Panjara" . Ooobhitu, umazing performance.

Synchronicity Evangelist said...

In a few words, it was a funny tragedy.

Violent fools made it a funny tragedy and rest celebrated it.

[I read a book and enjoyed life.]

Madhooo said...

@tenali: My fav has been "Bhaktha Kumbara".:)

@embodiment of love: True.:))