Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lately I have been hearing lot of grumbling and rumbling about Bangalore. Nah, I do not react to them. But I feel extremely happy when I meet people with a positive attitude about Bangalore. There are these two friends of mine who come from different parts of India. They have settled down in Bangalore now. They absolutely love Bangalore. They are learning kannada. They have their complaints about Bangalore but then they feel that these teething problems are a part of metamorphism that a city has to go through to become a metro.

I really applaud these people. I applaud them for their attitude.

Bangalore definitely has lot of problems- infrastructure, traffic, autos and so on. But what we need to understand is that Bangalore is going through a major change. Bangalore was a garden city once upon a time. It is we IT people who have compelled Bangalore to go through this metamorphism. The quiet, silent, green city is being converted into major IT hub. So we need to give this city more time to change. Let us not forget that this city has been giving our dal-roti, kapda and makaan. I think that instead of whining, we should contribute in our own way to make this city a better place to live in.

I love Bangalore. I have spent my childhood in Bangalore. I have seen the beauty of the garden city. And so definitely I would want to give back a lot to this city.

One of my favourite quotes:
Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for the country.
- John.F.Kennedy


sunrise said...

Even though I stayed in bangalore only for a couple of years, I can surely say Bangalore is a ppl friendly place where ppl from different parts of the country live together. More like a cosmopolitan.

Tenali said...

I Luv Bangalore oops! Bengalooru. I have completed a quarter century in Bengalooru. I luv the atmosphere(excluding this years), the water. All in all, everything.


I definitely agree with ! we should probably stop complaining about bangalore.. and let it grow ! :) The culture.. people..climate...make me feel bangalore is THE place .. ! :)