Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chitti aayi hai

I really miss inland letters and post cards. I miss the physical aspect of letters. People might argue that emails and phones have successfully replaced letters. But then, I don't agree with them. First of all, in a rural-dominated country like ours, atleast internet (or can we say computers) is not accessible to everyone. Ok, and even in the urbane setup, I still feel that emails are not effective as letters. The tangibility and essence of the letters are definitely much more nearer to hearts. Be it love letters or letters written to your grand parents or relatives or friends or pen friends, they are always special.

I used to write lot of letters. My letters were probably my initial experiments in writing. And I think that I had lots of fun writing those letters. But now, most of the times we email people or we tend to talk to them over phone. So the necessity for letters is no more. True, that the advancement in technologies bring more comfort. But somewhere I think they take away those small pleasures of life.


Sunil said...

talking abt Rural areas, I am proud of our Postal department for the Fantastic Job they are doing !! I had been to a pretty remote village recently, and computers and e-mail are totaly alien to them. But, they are very much in touch with relatives through "hand written in-land letters !!"

Once again, Kudos to postal department for covering even such villages !!

Madhooo said...

I totally agree with you, sunil. Postal Department has been doing a fantastic job in the rural sections.

sunrise said...

my opinion, letters are one of the best ways to be in touch with your loved ones! Really a nice blog raising the importance of hand-written letters...!

Madhooo said...

Thanks, @sunrise.