Monday, December 26, 2005

I have been doing a lot of research in yoga, pranayama, dhyana, pranic healing, reiki and so on. And it is amazing how much I have been discovering in this journey. All the methods that I have mentioned are processes which utilise human mind power to promote health, peace and happiness. I have also been going through lot of ancient scriptures. The information these scriptures have are so valuable and so true. So, ultimately all these lead to one thing; human mind is the most powerful thing in the universe. But hold on, friend. Human mind is the most powerful thing when it is combined with another component- spirituality. Only then this unexhaustible power can be steered in the right direction. Only then one's mind can cure oneself of any fatal disease. It is sad that when we have the solution within ourselves, we keep searching for it outside in vain.

So my research will continue. Hopefully, in this coming year, I will be able to see some results too.

May this coming year bring lots of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity in your lives. May God give u lot of courage and confidence to face anything and everything in your lives.:)))))))

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