Thursday, December 15, 2005

It is post-lunch time and I am listening to hemant kumar's songs. There is something about his voice that captivates me. His songs are very simple. But when you try to sing them, you know that it is very tough to produce the same effect as he does. His lazy, soothing, moony voice is definitely peerless. I am in total love with his songs; to name a few- "Sunja Dil Ka Dastan", "Na Tum Humen Jaano", "Apni Dil Tho Awara".

A secret wish: I hope that his songs will never be remixed. I hope they will stay untouched.


Tenali said...

well while ur wishing, somebody somewhere over there is remixing it. Digest the reality. Don't listen if it comes remixed that's all.

Synchronicity Evangelist said...

Hahahhaa...I can understand your pain about remixing...:D

Madhooo said...

Ya, @sanguine. I used to love the Noori song so much before. But after watching the remix video, I have started associating that song with pale, whitish ghostly figure. Sigh,that is remix for you.