Friday, December 09, 2005

I am back after that refreshing, rejuvenating, energizing vacation. Seven days of stay at Alike and Puttur with my aunts' families, with nature proved to be a gratifying experience.

Yep, I feel like a spoilt kid after spending these days with my aunts. They are so lovable and motherly. And the best part is that they have always been there for me during all the ups and downs of my life.

What did I do:

- Lots of reading
- Lots of classical music
- Lots of spirituality
- Lots of yapping
- Walks amidst nature
- Travelling in buses and overcrowded taxis
- Savouring delicacies that my aunts prepared with so much of love and care:-)
- Playing with my cousins

Nature, nature and nature- that was the main highlight of my vacation. Hills, rocks, greenery, the cool zephyr- they were all amazing. It was as if the mother nature rocked the cradle and sang a lullaby for one to sleep and relax. It is at such places that you feel more and more grateful for this gift of LIFE.

It is very difficult to summarize or capture such beautiful moments in these ordinary words. So I am gonna withdraw into silence now and relive those resplendent moments.


sunrise said...

Spending time with the mother nature once in a while keeps your spirits moving up! So I guess you had a lot of fun.

Madhooo said...

Oh, u bet.:)))