Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ashaji rocks

I was listening to "Bheeni Bheeni Bhor" by Asha Bhonsle. She has rendered this song so beautifully. No one else could provide full justice to this song as she did. I have always been a great fan of hers. I have heard lot of debates about who is better- Lata or Asha. I dont think it would be fair to compare both of them. Both of them have their unique voices and styles.

But, yes, I always feel that Asha has not been given full credit for her achievements. Most of the people tend to associate asha with seductive, cabaret, disco songs. But I think she has given her best in ghazals and semi classical songs. Be it "Jhoote Naina Bole", "Dil cheez kya hai" or "Bheeni Bheeni Bhor" or "Mera kuch samaan" or any marathi abhang. My mom always tells me that no one can sing a marathi abhang like Asha Bhonsle. The main thing about Asha is her versatility and adaptability. She can provide complete justice to any song she sings- be it a foot tapping number or a ghazal.

When R.D.Burman passed away, I thought that was the end of Asha's singing career. But I was wrong. She came back with a different image- an image that appealed to the youngsters. She tried Pop, remixes and also experimented with western boy bands. Her ebullience is amazing. No one can beat her at it.

Thanks, Ashaji. Please never stop giving us these beautiful songs, especially the semi classical ones.:-)


Ashutosh said...

Yes. She is truly fantastic, and her comeback was awe inspiring. It shows not just her immense talent, but her spirit. Have you listened to her Marathi 'Nakshantranche Dene'. That's also quite fabulous :-)

Madhooo said...

Hi Ashutosh,

No, I have not heard 'Nakshantranche Dene'. Will definitely try to get my hands on it.:-)