Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, I thought I would write about someone special, my bro.

He is 7 years younger to me. So he has always been a kid to me. We fought, fight and will fight a lot always.:-) Because of the age gap between us, either I became a kid or he grew up to my age many a times. We are very different from each other but have lot of common interests, especially in music. So somewhere along the line, a beautiful friendship has nurtured between us. He listens to my woes and I listen to his teenage worries. He is the biggest critic of whatever I do. But at the same time, he has been one of my pillars of strength.

Bro, I love u for whatever u are. You might have confiscated my room, my belongings, my books , my cassettes and so on.:-) But you have also encouraged me in my new ventures, supported me in my moments of crisis and pointed my mistakes to me. Thanks for all these. Thanks for helping me out to become a better person. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my bro. U rock:-) No doubt about that.

Ahem! Bro, just because I wrote this blog, don't ever think I will stop fighting with u. Hehehehe.

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