Monday, May 02, 2005

Perfect woman

Lot of things happenning around me. Days fly by. Mom is ill again. I donno how to boost her morale again. She has always been a very strong person. I hope she regains all the strength to fight back.

Mom has always been the backbone of my life. She has always been there. She has been my biggest critic. Earning an accolade from her is almost comparable to receiving the Nobel prize. The best thing about her is her honesty. She is very true to everyone and everything. Never have I seen her lying. No matter how hard it is, she sticks to truth. Her courage to speak truth anywhere, anytime has always been very inspiring to me. No matter what, she can always look at a thing without any prejudice. Her talents, be it in music or literature, are immense. But not even once has she tried to market her skills. She prefers backstage and she has remained there always.

There are pages and pages that I can write abt Mom. Maybe everyone feels the same for their respective mothers. Maybe. But for me, she is the complete woman-the perfect woman of my life. And I wonder if I can be atleast a part of what she is.:-))

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