Friday, April 15, 2005

My association with hospitals

I guess my association with hospitals will never stop. Mom has been admitted to hospital again and the worst part is that she is in too much of pain. I really can't see her like this. Someone who has been active all the time, someone who has nursed u so tenderly when u were sick- well, it's hard to see such a person sick and bedridden. Sometimes I wonder if I can share a bit of her pain atleast.

The ugly side of stayin in hospital is ur interaction with doctors and nurses. All these people ( especially in this hospital) have an Arnold Schwarzennegar's expression on their faces and they act as if they are dealing with machines and not humans. Almost everyday I end up fighting up with them. Their behaviour sometimes makes me think if they ever understand how noble their profession is.

U start thinking about their numbness with people, especially ur dearest ones. Probably it is a mundane affair for them to see people in pain, to see people fighting for their lives. But still I think they can definitely afford to offer a smile atleast.

It is just not these doctor and nurses which make the visits to the hospital a dismaying experience. U get to see so much of suffering there and reality bites. U get to see those faces which are eagerly waiting to go home. Even though u donno them personally, their pain affects u somewhere. The syringes, immaculate white bed spreads, the glucose bottles, that nauseating smell, and of course how can I forget the canteen food!!!!! Gosh, i really hope that my association with hospitals doesn"t continue for a long, long time.

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