Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Trying to define love.........

I have read a lot of articles and blogs about love. For me, love is not just red roses, candle nite dinners, gifts or dates. For me, love is comfort, acceptance. I feel that u start looking at love with a different perspective after marriage. In fact, love becomes a reality when u marry- it becomes a beautiful experience when u marry. I have heard people say that love vanishes after marriage. For me , love begins after marriage. It takes different forms. U feel so comfortable sleeping and snoring in his arms. U feel so relieved when u rant and rave all ur problems in front of him. U sit in ur comfort zone and paint ur nails while he reads a book. U know he worries about u when u go wrong. U know, no matter what he is always there for you. U know that he is one person with whom u can be friends with in spite of all those altercations. U feel he is purrfect even when u know his weaknesses. U know that u never have to give explanations about urself to him. U know that u can always be U in front of him. For me, all these mean love. I know that as years pass by love will become more mature, more stronger, more passionate and more enjoyable.

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