Friday, May 27, 2005

Will it ever come true?

I wanna travel all around the world. I wanna go out of my country for some time and chk out all the other countries. Seems like an impossible dream. May never come true.:-)


aniketana said...

you will go places one day i am sure!

Sphinx said...

hit upon this one thanks to Meera. Have a lot to do, but for once don't feel like working and when Meera mentioned your blog, it was a good time pass. Not a staunch believer in blog-power (though havent read any except for Rashmi's. Her's is good though.)Yours is fresh and honest like you :-)

Now to why I thought I had to answer this one...You never know how life turns out. So, dont give up on your dreams. Not one! Dreams are what makes it worthwhile :-)

Madhooo said...

Thanks, Meets.