Thursday, March 15, 2007

To friends with unknown faces:)

There is no doubt that internet has definitely revolutionized our way of living. Why am I thinking about this all of a sudden?

Well, do you remember the concept of pen friends? Yeah, it was during those times of pen, inland letters and envelopes. The pen friendship used to be a fun concept especially because you would write to people who were unknown to you. Similar to those lines, we have net friends now. Usually chat sites or the messengers or blogs become the central stage for such friendships. You get to meet people with varied interests and diverse backgrounds. Sometimes you might also find people whom you would wanna ignore.:) But many a times, these chat friendships might turn to becoming life long friendships or relationships. We have also heard of few marriages taking place between people who met over the net.

I must say that I have been definitely fortunate to have had a small bunch of friends with unknown faces. They have been pals who have been there with me over years. They have shared their knowledge, listened to my rambles, rejoiced in my joys and lent their shoulders during times of distress. I have never met any of them till today. But they have never been strangers to me. There are times when we are immersed in our own lives and don't get time to keep in touch with each other. But it is a common knowledge that all of us are there when needed anytime.

So a hearty thank you to all of you friends with faces unknown for being there always.:))) You people always help me to retain my faith in humanity.:)

Song that I am listening to right now: LAYLA by Eric Clapton


Rebus said...

Coincidence or what I have two net friends have been mailing for almost few yaers now; and I already know a couple who got married long-distance I mean got acquainted on the net; sure the world is a lot more closer sometimes for us to those unknown faces who never existed before!

Madhooo said...

@rebus: Touche.:))