Sunday, March 25, 2007

Few pages from the diary of a mommy to be:)

This journey started about seven months back. I was so thrilled when I got to know that I would me a mommy soon.:) Believe me, this news changed our entire world.

Before we could celebrate the news of the arrival of a new family member, I was down with severe nauseousness and tiredness. I found myself throwing up the whole day. All my activities stopped and I was almost bed ridden. At that moment, I felt so helpless. Still I tried to come to terms with the happenings around me. But my physical condition was so bad that I found myself going into depression several times. And all those times, I thought of this another life in me. I thought about the miracle that was being born in me. This helped me so much to deal with my condition. It was not easy because I had almost lost contact with the outside world. All my chit-chats with friends, my outings- everything had come to standstill. Even then, I think God gave me lots of strength to cope up with everything and go on. So finally at the end of three months, the severity of my nauseousness decreased.

I slowly started returning to my normal routine. I started enjoying the small joys of pregnancy. Today, I must say that I am absolutely delighted with all the changes that have happened and are happening in me due to that little one growing in me. What an amazing experience this is ! I am able to appreciate my mom more as I struggle with the heaviness of my ill-shapen body and shorter breaths now. :)

Some of the noteworthy changes:

-->As days pass by, I find all my clothes getting smaller and smaller for me.:) Okay, so that
gives me an excuse to buy new ones;)

--> My appetite has increased big time. And now people have almost tagged me as a foodie (
Trust me, I was never one before.;))

--> I miss our small outings and hikes. ( Will definitely make up for it once the little one is

--> I can't see my toes anymore.;)

But I must say that I have begun to enjoy all these small discomforts. Especially now, when I have started feeling those small movements ( supposed to be kicks) of the little one:)

Two and a half more months to go for the arrival of the new member. And of course, we are eagerly waiting for the day.:)

What am I listening to right now: Raag Maru Bihag by Pt.Jasraj


Ray Ben said...

Hey congrats to the mom-to-be. keep us up to date with the latest. btw what's your house number..i think my ma-in-law's house is in the same lane as yours ..will drop in sometime..

Madhooo said...

@ray ben: Thanks so much.:) I am mailing my address to u. U r always welcome.:)