Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My connection with shlokas

It was during my school days. I was worried over something. We had grandpa visiting us then. He offered to help me. He taught me a shloka. He asked me to recite it whenever I was tensed or worried. And so I did. No, the shloka did not give me an instant solution. But it cleared my mind and I was able to think of a solution. From then on, I have been hooked to these shlokas.

For the beginners, shloka is a sanskrit verse that is recited as a prayer in Hindus. It is also very important to learn the way to recite these shlokas because they induce lot of positive vibrations around oneself. They say that these sholkas have amazing vibrations when you recite them during sunrise and sunset. The best part is that you actually feel very good even if you listen to them.

I am not very well versed in Sanskrit. Still I find that the chanting of these shlokas have a very positive effect on me. These shlokas have helped me the most during my troubled and depressing times. They have helped me attain the calmness and go ahead with life.

I usually like to attend the Poojas or Yajnas mainly because I like to hear the priests chanting the shlokas. The priests are actually taught the exact way of chanting these shlokas. So even when they recite in a group, their voices are in unison and that makes it very interesting and soothing to listen to these chants.

I know lots of people who would chant these mantras soullessly as if it were a ritual. In fact, most of the times they do it for the sake of doing it. But the real effect and the power can be felt only when you put your heart and soul in the chanting and concentrate on them. For me, they have worked wonders and I hope they will do the same for you.:))

Song that I am listening to right now: Anjaani Rahon Mein Tu Kya Doondta Phiren by Lucky Ali


Rebus said...

"Pleasant tunes transfer good vibrations to the atmosphere
Good music brings positive vibrations in the nerves of the listener." is what written on the first page
http://www.emusictherapy.com/; though you are right heart should be there; mind follows and then the body

kannan udayarajan said...

hey ,

thats one f my fav songs too..
i just luv lucky ali's voice..:)

Madhooo said...

@rebus: Thanks for pointing to that interesting site.:) Music has such an amazing power, isn't it?

@kannan: Ya, I love that song. I think it is a very pleasant one. I love the lyrics of that song too.:)