Monday, January 29, 2007

Sur Prabhat on 26th Jan, 2007

Every year on 26th January, we look forward to "Sur Prabhat" organized by Rajguru Smriti at Chitrakala Parishath. Usually the music concerts are held all-night long or in the evenings. Most of the times, I can never sit through the all-night concerts. So I rarely get to listen to the morning ragas live in a concert. "Sur Prabhat" is one event that gives me the opportunity to enjoy the morning ragas. An added luxury is that we get to listen to the soul stirring music amidst nature in an open space.:)

This year's "Sur Prabhat" was more special to me because the eminent musician performing this time was none other than Sanjeev Abhayankar. For those of you who do not know, Sanjeev is the disciple of Pandit Jasraj. In fact, you can see the impact of the guru in Sanjeev's voice and his style of singing. I have always enjoyed listening to his records. So this was one occasion for which I was eagerly waiting.

Sanjeev began the concert with Raag Ahir Bhairav, continued with Bhatiyar and sang a self-composed holi song. And then he presented a beautiful bandish of Raag Charukeshi which is very rarely sung and he ended the concert with Raag Bhairavi. He said that the environment was a perfect one for the morning concert and he was inspired by it.

It was a beautiful experience sitting amidst greenery and listening to the mellifluous yet powerful voice of Sanjeev Abhayanakar. His ease at the toughest taans, his expertise in the raagas and his interaction with the audience made the concert more interesting and enjoyable. For a moment I forgot the real world and got drifted away in the soulful music.

I hope we will get to attend such concerts again and again. We definitely need more of such concerts to rejuvenate ourselves. :)


Yajnesh said...

Wow Great!!!

This year i missed that function...

BTW, i've spent 5 years in that place..YEP... its my collage... Chitrakala Parishath. beautiful place!!!

Ray Ben said...

Hey Madhoo,

I dont know much about classical music but Pradeep handed over a cd of pndt ravi shankar and i particularly like raaga Hemant..can you tell me more about it? and similar raagas?

Madhooo said...

@yajnesh: U r so lucky to have studied at such a beautiful place. I envy u.:))

@ray ben: Raag Hemant is quite a rare one. In fact, I got to know that it is mainly instrumentalists' raga. Usually it is used to depict the mood of festivality.:)) So let me know if u enjoyed listening to it.

Ray Ben said...

I really enjoyed it ..any other ragaas that are "that lively" ? :)