Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mungaru Male

When I heard of "Mungaru Male", I was not very interested. That was because I was just back from another movie, "Kallarali Hoovagi" and my experience was not very good. So I turned a deaf ear to the praises of "Mungaru Male". But then I decided to listen to its music.

I was just mesmerised when I heard the songs, especially "Anisuthide". I heard them again and again until I decided that I had to watch the movie. So one fine day, I pulled my friend along with me to the movie. And I fell in love with this movie.:) I would rather call it a beautiful poem.From the title to the song, to the lyrics, to the amazing photography and to the simple yet touching story, it depicts a poem to me. And of course, how can I forget the rain that is there throughout the movie? After all, "Mungaru Male" means the first rains of the rainy season.

All the artists have done a great job, especially Ganesh. I never thought that he would put up such a natural performance. I think the freshness of the actors, the director, the music and the lyrics strike you when you watch the film. The story is nothing new but it has been given a very refreshing narration. And so all these factors make the movie a family entertainer.

"Mungaru Male" is going to be in my memory for a long, long time. I have been enjoying its music thoroughly. Mano Murthy has done a fabulous job in rendering some melodious numbers.

Okey-dokey, I am getting back to listening to "Anisuthide". It is a song that has been tailor-made for Sonu Nigam. I would definitely recommend that song if you are looking out for a melodious number.:))


Anonymous said...

hi madhu
i watched this movie today
beautiful movie
although i dint understand a lot of the dialogues i still enjoyed it

Madhooo said...

@anon: I am so glad that u liked the movie.:)

Sangeeta said...

Sakat movie! Loved it too! And the way job falls has been captured...its amazing!