Sunday, January 07, 2007

Closer to death

How does a person feel when he knows that he might die any moment? What runs through his mind when he is lying on the hospital suffering the torment? Does his mind wish for the freedom from the pain and suffering or does he hope for a miracle? How does he feel when he looks at his loved ones shedding silent tears and praying for him? Does he pray for one more opportunity to live life to the fullest? Does he repent about the life that he has already lived? Does he recall all his incomplete wishes? Does he feel like fighting back or just surrender to fate?

Not sure that any of us understand what goes on in his mind. Not sure I understand.


Anonymous said...

Problem is its such an intense moment there is no room for philosophy or person retrospection about his condition; but I guess these sure are many of the things he/she goes through. Based on how he lived!

Madhooo said...

@rebus: well, I guess this is the mystery of death or may be of life.:)

Anonymous said...

i would be excited, if i were in her place. i would be thinking, "finally i might possibly find out if there is an after life, god, a secret balance sheet of paapa/vs/punya, heaven, hell". i would be wondering "can i have the luck of becoming a ghost and hounding some of my best friends". ;)