Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A no-no to spreading :( instead of :)

She is in high spirits. She looks so happy and contented. I try to get inspired by her good mood. But then I feel that I have to share this thing that has been bothering me since yesterday. I always feel the need to share my thoughts with her as we have always been very close pals. So I cry my heart out to her. She listens to me and assures me that things will get better with time. I feel a bit relieved after talking to her. I get back to my work. And then I meet her after a couple of hours. But now I see that she is completely out of the happy mood. In fact, she looks very gloomy and lost. She tells me that she has been thinking about the matter that I had shared with her. I leave her desk cursing myself and feeling guilty about spreading the somberness to my friend instead of cheer. I make a quiet resolution then and there that from now on I shall only propagate smiles and nothing else. After all, I want the sunshine back on my pal's face.


Anonymous said...

I Disagree.
What use is a happy face if it can't take the gloom off yours ??!

Sharing your thoughts with a friend might not put a "Smile" back on your face, but, it surely takes the the burden of thought away and makes way for a better state of mind to solve whatever problems you have.
Thats what Friends are there for !! And, to have somebody think about your problems after yuu leave, thats the best thing ever.

I don't want to Sound "Selfish" by considering my gloom over a friends' happy face. But, the happiness is Not lost just becos they are not smiling.
I think your "quiet resolution" is not the very best thing to do.

Madhooo said...

@Sunil: Welcome back.:)
This post was a result of the thought at that moment. Personally, I would prefer making someone laugh than cry or feel sad. Seeing that person smile makes me happier. After all, you never know if that person is hiding a pain behind that smile. And that person might be facing a bigger problem than yours. So I would rather hide my sadness and grin rather than cribbing over it with others.:) This "quiet resolution" is a small step towards that.:)

Rebus said...

Made me instantly got reminded of the movie Anand, after the song he ponders that he hasnt seen him gloomy ever; "kya hur hassi ke peecha khushi hi hoti hain baboomoooosaaye" came the reply.

Though in your case I like to reverse the picture maybe, wouldnt you like to cheer the same friend when he/she has his/her gloomy day someday; thats what friends are for sharing; if not then not the walls atleast!!

Though going the Anand's way [A no-no to spreading :( instead of :)] does needs a lot of rescilience; and I respect that as well;