Monday, August 07, 2006


We had been to rangantittu a couple of weeks back. It was my first visit to the bird sanctuary. I think our timing for this visit was very good because we heard that they closed the sanctuary the next day, for some time.:)) I found the visit quite interesting. There were not many visitor birds because it was almost the end of the season. But I must honestly confess that the wild crocodiles there caught my attention, especially the one which was lying on a rock at the centre. Our boats went so near by to that crocodile that I was almost expecting it to jump on us any time.:))) The funny part was that a lady in our boat was not convinced that it was a live crocodile. She somehow went on justifying that it was a statue. Look at the snap and you will understand why.:))Here are some of the snaps that I clicked while we were there:


Rebus said...

I dont know if you saw it blink; but I would concur with the lady; I still can't believe you people stayed in the boat ;)

On a side note you mentioned in my blogs once "Yes, going to that serene place is on my wishlist too. And if everything works out, then that may come true within next 2 months.:)) " so thats working out!!!

Anand said...

Thats does look terrible close and scary!

Ekta said...

hey wow!
Those are awesome pics and the crocodile looks so close!.. feeling bad I missed going to ranganthittu even afer staying in blore for 3.5 yrs!

Nabeel said...

ohh damnn @ crocodile .. at first glance I was like what the hell .. so dangerous .. u do know how vulnerable u guys were while passing the crocodile?

Crocodiles sit like that to get some sunlight .. increase their body temperatures and store heat !

great great pictures .. who was taking the pictures though?

Madhooo said...

@rebus: Oh yes, our boat went very close to that croc. And it did not blink at all. I was half scared that the lady on our boat would actually try touching the croc.:D

Yes, going to serene places is working out. Wil let you know about more places in about a month.[:)]

@anand: It was very close and scary. No wonder all my attention was on the croc rather than on birds.:)))))

@ekta: Thanks. Ya, u should go to that place sometime. It is an experience by itself.[:)]

@nabeel: Yes, we did know how vulnerable we were when we went so close. The boat that you see in the pic was the boat that was ahead of us. We were in the second boat and i was clicking the pics from there.:)))And thanks for that trivia about crocodiles.[:)]

Viewer said...

Hey that Mr Croc looks so surreal :D