Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here I Come, Himalayas- Day 6

As we are behind schedule for a day, the guide gives us two options; either we can take a horse to Hemkund and then back to Govind Ghat or trek back to Govind Ghat. All of them decide to take a horse to Hemkund and then to Govind Ghat. We decide to trek down to Govind Ghat (14 kms) as we wanna enjoy the shades of nature. So we start off at 7:00 A.M. We walk at our own pace enjoying each and every creation of God. We stop by the river and spend an hour there. The water looks so pure and untouched. But it is damn freezing!

The last three kilometres seem a bit tiring, may be because of the scorching sun. I am thrilled when I reach Govind Ghat. We reach Govind Ghat at 1:15 P.M. Man, this has been my longest trek:)

We wait for the co-passengers in the bus. I then realize how actually tired I am. My feet are aching badly. But my happiness gets over the pain. Our team arrive at 3:00. The guide informs us that we will be leaving to Badrinath. All of us are so tired that we sleep all the way to Badrinath.

I am amazed at the beautiful mountains that surround the Badrinath temple. There is a small ashram on one of those mountains that attracts me. I shall be talking about it in a separate post.

We ask the hotel people for hot water as we wanna have a nice bath before we go for a darshan to the temple. We are thrilled when the hotel people get the hot water from the hot water spring. After the refreshing bath, we go to the temple. We get a special pooja done. There is an amazingly peaceful feeling in me. We visit the hot water spring. Again it is one of God's stupefying creations.

We have a very good Gujrati thali for dinner. After a long time, we are getting to eat rice. We then retire to our rooms wearily.

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Koel said...

k.. your blog caugh tmy interest simply because thats where im planning to go .. more specifically Henkund.. my grandparents (76 & 72) being religious wish to take a trip there. Me, along with my mum and my 2 dogs.. are also planning to go. is it possible for jeeps/4/4 to get to hemkund.. i dont think my grandparents would be able to walk or horseride for 14 kms...
what do you suggest!? also, do you think there are cottages and rest houses in govind ghat that allow pets?! would you have any idea?

do let me know? please!? thankyou.

p.s. reading how u describe your journey is really enjoyable.
glad you had a good time! :D