Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am off to an exciting vacation far in the mountains. I will let you know the details once I am back. Meanwhile you take care and have lots of fun.:))))) Adios.:)


Anand said...

hey wow..
vacation in the mountains sounds perfect!!
have fun!

Rebus said...

Finally you are through; keep the notes/clicks handy you know I am your first customer ;)

Ray Ben said...

hey back kya? where you been?

Sangeeta said...

Trip heng ittu? Write about it - if ur back that is :)

Madhooo said...

@anand: Thanks. Had loads of fun.:)))

@rebus: Hahahaha....Definitely.

@ray ben: Will start posting with all the details.:))

@sangeeta: Trip sakattagittu.:)) Yelli hogidvi antha yella post maadtha idini.:)))