Monday, February 06, 2006

Busy days are here again. 24 hours for a day seems so unfair again. I am so engrossed in my life again. And thank God for that! I completely agree that I am a workoholic and an idle mind or idle day is definitely a devil's workshop or me. :D


I can see lot of depression floating around. And the worst part is that I can see lot of teenagers going into depression. They are under so much of constant pressure to perform and prove themselves. In fact, they are unable to enjoy the best phase of their lives. And here I thought that depression and IT industry went hand in hand!!


Somehow the image of Jill Caroll weeping and pleading continues to haunt me. It has been one month now since she has been abducted. Well, it is definitely bewildering about how a stranger's story can touch your heart!

Praying and hoping for her release......


logic said...

Good posts here Madhoo..sort of pls cont this work..thanx for dropin in ..

Madhooo said...

Thanks so much, @logic.:))