Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pop star

She definitely had a very unique voice. She created ripples in the music world when she sang her first Bollywood song in "Qurbani". Yes, I am speaking about Nazia Hassan. I have always been fascinated by her voice. Few years back when I heard that she passed away, I had felt bad. But then I did not give it much thought. Yesterday I was listening to sound tracks of "Star". The songs sung by her in that album caught my attention. So I googled on her to find more about this singer. Only then I realized that she was also very, very beautiful. And also that she was involved in social activities. At the age of 35, she fought a lost battle against cancer and surrendered finally. Her personal life was also in a very sorry state affair. So she left this world as a troubled soul.

Even though she went away at a very young age, she will be very much alive through her songs like "Aap Jaisa koi", "Boom boom", "Khushi" and so on. Her haunting voice will always be unmatched.


Synchronicity Evangelist said...


Can relate to what you said here.

Viewer said...

I looov the song aap jaisa koi .... its a beautiful song

logic said...

Madhoo --truley sensitive and impulsive kinda gal..

This piece of info was new to me..but well portrait by you..
Good one..

Madhooo said...

Thank you, guys.:)

@logic: Now don't I live upto the expectation? :D