Sunday, October 02, 2005

I love my workplace. I love it 'coz I get to work( ok, I am a workoholic). I also love it 'coz it is a place where I get to listen to so much of music. My colleagues have been introducing me to different types of music, various singers and so on. So with my work knowledge, my knowledge in music has also been improving. Thanks to them.;-)

Workplace is also fun 'coz I get to meet all people- a variety of unique people. I enjoy meeting them, talking to them, interacting with them and sharing the laughter. It is fun being a part of a team- especially a team in which all of them have a great sense of humor. Yes, it does hurt when I see misunderstandings, fights. But I think these happen when you work with lot of people. All of them have their unique ways of thinking. No one is wrong. It is just that we have to respect each other's opinions and give space to one another. This is what I have learnt to be in a team. I love it when I see lot of camaraderie in the team.:-)

I have got great friends here. And I also have my headphone set that is a great companion and that keeps me going through the day.:-)

My workplace is definitely one of my favourite places.:-))))


Mahesh said...

Same opinion here, workplace is a wonderful place, favorite of mine too. But, It becomes monotonous sometimes. Regarding team you said it rite. Nothing comes close to a friend in the team with a good humor, and of course you also need a friend who is serious about work too (to put you on track). Well, everyone need to take that responsibility of being humor's and serious at times, i guess. In that way no one does things repeatedly and workplace doesn't get boring.

Madhooo said...

I am glad that you share the same opinion, Mahesh.:-)

Tenali said...

I think the misunderstanding comes when ppl start thinking they know every thing about the other guy/gurl. If ppl think "I still need 2 know my colleague/any other person u wanna know". Then there is no misunderstanding. When there is misunderstanding in with my colleague. I just keep quiet. I think let the silence do the talking. Apart from that, they miss me when I am on leave.