Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This weekend was very relaxing. Caught up with a movie. Went to Bannerghatta national park. Had gone for a safari and saw tigers and lions. Tiger- such a majestic animal- made me wonder about why lion is called the king of the jungle.:-) Saw snakes, cheetah, rabbits, crocodiles and so on. I felt good and also felt that it was much better visiting such places rather than flocking the same shopping malls every time (sighhhh...I hate shopping malls).


Auto drivers rule Bangalore city. Ok, so if you want to catch an auto, then you need to perform the following steps:

1) Politely ask the driver about where does he wanna go. Then match your requirement with his destination. If yes, then proceed to step 2. Else, repeat this first step with another auto driver.

2) Never question the driver about the route. Just sit tight lipped and be a silent observer.

3) Enjoy the loud music if being played.

4) Meanwhile, enjoy the roller coaster ride. Aren't you lucky- you dont have to got to the amusement parks anymore for these rides?

5) Never look at the fare meters, especially if you are weak hearted.

6) Finally when you reach the destination, pay and never look back. What did you say? You want the change- Nahhhhhh, never ask for it- how dare you behave like that with the uncrowned king of Banaglore city???????



Tenali said...

Ha ha ha ha.... I donno wat wud be ur reaction if u get 2 know the reasons 4 recent auto drivers strike.
I saw this Memorandum behind a bus:
1. Using LPG shud not be mandated.
1a.Bring-up more LPG re-fueling oulets( wat contradiction).
2. Police shud not harass auto dirvers for documents. (wah bahi wah)
3. Increase Minimum fare.

Madhooo said...

"Police should not harass auto drivers for documents"- I think that is the best demand;-)

Bookworm said...

haha that's funny! I'll remember those tips next time I visit India:-).

Sunil said...

If its Beauty you are looking for, the Tiger sure is the "Queen" of the Jungle...
But, its the Brute Power and Raw Attitude that makes Leo the "King of the Jungle" !!!

Madhooo said...

Sruti: Next time u visit India, u should definitely travel by auo sometime to experience all that.:-)

Sunil: Hmmm....maybe I need to observe lions more.:-)