Sunday, October 23, 2005

My friend's mom passed away day before yesterday. Though I never got a chance to meet her mom, I knew that she was a very great human being. May God give my friend the courage. May her mom's soul rest in peace.


I have never seen such heavy rains in Bangalore. Yesterday we are stuck at Hosur Road. It was so flooded and our car was almost sailing like a boat. It could be clearly seen that Bangalore was not prepared for heavy rains at all. Anyways I hope that these rains were of good help to our farmer friends.


Yesterday we had been to a grapes' farm that belongs to a friend. By profession, he is a software engineer. But he is very interested in farming too. So he purchased a land and started cultivating grapes. And I must say that he has been very successful at it. It is truly heartening to see the educated youth venturing into agriculture. Also, we were very inspired when we got to know that he goes to his school in his village during the weekends and conducts computer classes for the kids. Man, don't we require more and more idealistic, dedicated people like him?



Viewer said...

Sorry to hear abt ur friends mom :(....Ehm... a wineyard ......thats really kool. I have never been to one but would love to visit one someday:)
And hope ur alright ( with the floods and all) we have had our shre earlier this yr in mumbai :) Take care

Madhooo said...

@viewer: Thanks. Yes, it is a really weird sight to see bangalore being flooded. Lot of losses everywhere. And I guess it was the same with Mumbai ( or maybe even more). Hopefully, Bangalore will be more geared up next time to face the downpour.