Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Trishna-thirst-insatiable thirst! Most of us live in the so-called comfort zone. And yet we want more and more. We are never content and spend our lives satisfying our desires. On the contrary, we yearn for satisfaction!

Most of them would have had all the things in their lives that others would be jealous of. But if you ask them whether they are happy, they will never be able to say "yes". They feel that their happiness lies in some other thing that they don't yet possess. They feel that they would become happy if they were to acquire that some thing. But then frankly do you think that they would attain peace and happiness by that one thing? I don't think so! I think their Trishna will never let them be content. They will never feel satisfied. They will start chasing some thing else in pursuit of happiness. In this chase, they forget to enjoy the present moment. They ignore the smallest pleasures of life. They forget to live life.

All of us know that man has three basic requirements- food, clothing and shelter. So man is supposed to be at peace once these requirements are met. But it does not work that way. I sometimes believe that people who do not have these basic things yet, are the most happiest people. They do not know of any other world except these three basic needs. But those of us who have gone beyond these three needs, keep searching and chasing peace and happiness throughout our lives.

This insatiable thirst can be quenched only if we realize that the contentment lies within ourselves and nowhere else. Trishna can be overpowered only if we realize that the eternal happiness in not in the materialistic things as we all tend to believe!

What am I listening to right now: Raag Sohni by Rashid Khan

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