Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The one and only George Michael

When I was in high school, I happened to hear "Careless Whispers" being played in my friend's car. The mellifluous voice impressed me so much. Those days, I was not much into western music so I did not have any idea about the singer. When I inquired,I got to know that George Michael had sung that song. My friend suggested another song of his, "Last Christmas". I managed to listen to that on the radio some time. But I loved "Careless Whispers" a lot. Even now I am still in awe of that song. So I just knew George Michael as the singer who sang "Careless Whispers".

As I opened up to the western music gradually, I got to hear his other hits- Father Figure, Faith, Kissing a Fool, Jesus To a Child, Fast Love and so on. All these songs ensured that he became one of my favorite singers quite fast.:)

The other day, when I mentioned George Michael as my favorite singer, someone asked me, "How can you like him? He is a gay. He was also a drug addict!!!! He has lead such a controversial life!!" Well, I have always loved good music. And for me, George Michael is one helluva talented musician and it is all that matters. I do not want to know what he is in his personal life. It is his life. But definitely we have to be thankful to him for giving us such great music.

His "Jesus to a child" can move you into tears. His "Fast Love" can make you jive. His "Kissing a Fool" can make you philosophical. His intense, soulful, melodious voice is his biggest positive point.

My mom is a classical musician. She usually never listens to western music. Once I was playing "Careless Whispers" loud. She just came to my room and heard the complete song. And then she wanted to know who sang it. Since that day, she has been a great fan of George Michael. Nopes, she has not heard any other song of his. But she is in total love with "Careless Whispers".:)) And I think that is a great compliment for one of my favorite singers.:))))

What am I listening to right now: Careless Whispers

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