Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yippee! A goal is scored.:)

I remember the excitement and the dedication I had in my school and college days when I worked for the fulfillment of a goal. Those sleepless nights, those scraggly notes, those long phone calls with friends having discussions about the possible questions and so on; the list is endless.:) Most of the times, I would end up scoring less than the standard percentage I had set for myself. But those few times when I surpassed my expectations, the joy was boundless. The sense of achievement would reign over me for few days. But then again I would start off by setting another goal and working for it.

Looking back, I find that I have always had goals in my life. I have always had some targets to achieve. And I have found life challenging by working to reach those goals. But they have never been long term ones. In fact, I blank out when people ask me what do I want to become in life. For me, setting short-term goals is realistic.

There have been certain empty periods in my life. Why do I call them empty? Because those were the phases when I did not have any motivations and I felt that my life had come to standstill. Those were dormant phases. And then I had to shake myself up and start off all over.

Right now, I find myself in the same situation again. I definitely need a goal to keep me going. Or may be there are some hidden goals in front of me and I am yet to realize them. Well, the quest is on.:)


Anonymous said...

All the best for the quest. :) Wish you a high goal-score. ;)

Anonymous said...

Seeing the road ahead, is what makes life interesting and challenging; well every small goal is an extension of the larger goal to evolve. Relax we need that break to focus through. All we need to know is when to get up!