Thursday, December 14, 2006

Falling in love with melancholic tunes

Tears well up in my eyes as I listen to Kishori Amonkar's Todi. Somehow whenever I listen to this Raga, all my hidden pains surface up. And yet I love listening to Todi!

There is an album of Jagjit and Chitra Singh dedicated to their son who passed away in an accident. Trust me when I say that I become very emotional whenever I listen to it. But I am in total love with that album.

I know that lot of us love listening to those soulful, tear-jerking numbers of Kishore Kumar again and again. And we are fully aware that those songs might rake our old wounds. Still we love those songs that touch the pain in our hearts, don't we? May be we love them 'coz they simply touch our heart and pain is such a strong emotion.

Well, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, music is so powerful that it can cause a whirlwind of emotions in your heart. And I don't think anything can equal that. But yes, this effect cannot be produced by all the musicians. There are only some who can make music that can touch one's soul. And a big salute to those great people who can touch millions and millions of hearts so easily.:)

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