Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Pleasure of Giving:)

I must confess that I love giving gifts to people. I love their smiles and expressions when they receive the gifts. It is more fun when you give surprise gifts to people.:) I always find that gifts are more meaningful when you give people what they always wanted to buy. But then it is not very easy to find out what the person wants and even if you get to know, you will have to check if that is within your budget. :D

Most of them find it tough to get the right gifts for the right people. A couple of days back, my friend was complaining to me that she was getting a bit jaded about her husband's gifts. She said that she found the gifts from him quite bizarre. Once he gave her a huge painting and my friend, who barely understood art, did not even understand the head or the tail of that piece. Next time, he gave her this western classical CD. And she said that she never opened it till to date.:) Now I know that her husband is a very, very good human being. My friend feared that she would hurt his feelings if she spoke to him about the gifts.:)

Another friend of mine finds it tough to select gifts for people. So she prefers taking people to the shop, asking them to select whatever they want and then buying it for them. She says that she finds this more satisfying because atleast she knows that they are getting what they want!:)

Some people find this whole process of buying gifts very complicated so they resort to giving money as a gift. Now, you can also get gift certificates from different shops. But that reminds me of an experience that I had. One of the organizations, that I worked with before, had gifted us with a gift certificate worth Rs.1000 at one of the very reputed, expensive home stores. But we started discovering that most of the useful items there were priced much, much above Rs.1000.:) So then we had to buy things which we did not want and the only reason we bought them was that those items cost less.:)

Well, whatever it is, I am definitely in love with the giving part. The concept of gifts might sound very materialistic to some. But for me , they give abundant pleasure. As I mentioned before, the smiles on the faces are very priceless and remind me about the joy of giving.:)


Jinguchakka said...

I love the taking part! Nothing like getting a thing which we wanted but priced above our wallet as a gift!

Ofcourse, I give gifts too.

Sphinx said...

I loved the post. Most importantly teh part about surprise gifts.

I still cherish the gifts I had sneaked under TG's nose to give him on his birthday. It was worth all the running around and breaking head trying to figure :D

Rebus said...

Reminds me of the movie "Finding forester" where Sean Connery says that "The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time".
I find it really very dificult to buy a gift when I dont know the person.

ME said...

selecting gifts!! ah love doing that and especially when someone gets what what he/she's been wanting for a long time

Madhooo said...

@jinguchakka: I love your honesty. I must say that lot of people feel the same.:))

@sphinx: Oh yes, I remembered you and TG when I wrote this post.:))

@rebus: Yes, it is tough to buy gifts for people whom you don't know.:)

@me: Same here.:) Don't you feel so elated when you see the smile on that person's face when he/she receive the gift that they have been longing for?;)