Tuesday, June 27, 2006


There are very few songs from the rock bands that have the soothing, allaying effect on me. Hence I reluctantly agreed to my friend's suggestion to listen to her current favorite song from a rock group. My mind was in turmoil then and I was planning to appease it with some classical or Celtic music. Still on my friend's insistence, I decided to listen to this song, "Afterglow" by INXS. I had not heard INXS before.

And there I sat dumbfounded when I listened to it for the first time. From then on, I have been listening to it. Indeed, a very beautiful song! It gives me an impression of sailing on a smooth sea.:)
An important trivia about this song is that the new lead singer is J.D. Fortune. Yes, you guessed it right. He was the winner of the Rock star show. He has got a very enchanting, penetrating voice. How I wish we could get such winners on our Indian Idol shows (sigh!!)!!

And by the way, I thought I heard Saarangi here and there in this song. If you guys ever happen to listen to this song, lemme know if you heard it too! And if that is Saarangi, then I must say that it is a very good fusion experimentation that they have done.


Anil said...

I guess I should try the band sometime :)

Sphinx said...

Try their old numbers with their earlier band leader. Some real good numbers there :-)