Monday, June 19, 2006


I have been sneezing and sneezing since one week. This common ( I wonder why it is called common!!!) cold is getting nastier and nastier. I start sneezing all of a sudden and take people by surprise ( or shall i say shock??) . Just when I am at an interesting point of narration, I sneeze. As I am crossing the most busiest road, I sneeze. When there is a pin drop silence in the conference room, I sneeze. And the problem is that, it does not end with one sneeze. It is a chain of sneezings. And my state after this series of sneezings is absolutely hapless. I feel so sapped out of energy and I become so teary-eyed. Many a times, people mistake that I am sobbing and they come to console me or give me suspicious glances.:)

An interesting trivia about sneezing that I got from (may be i will feel better about sneezing after I read this!!):

So what does your sneeze say about you?

If you're a single sneezer that turns away when you sneeze, Wood would classify you as a "nice sneezer." These people are characterized as being warm, helpful, supportive and nurturing of others.

Or are you the type to let a big loud sneeze out? These sneezers, or "get it done" sneezers, are found to be fast, decisive and to the point. They typically make the best leaders.

Do you always keep tissues handy and cover your mouth when you feel a sneeze coming? These are the "be right" sneezers and are typically the careful, accurate, deep-thinking type.

The last group are the "enthusiastic" sneezers, Wood said. These are the people with sneezes you notice — such as your grandfather whose sneezes perhaps terrify you, or your co-worker who always sneezes five times. The enthusiastic sneezers were found to be charismatic and social and have the ability to motivate others.

Another trivia from again:

It turns out your sneeze may not be as original as you think. According to researchers, a sneeze style may be a genetic trait passed down from generation to generation.

"There is a certain innate pattern to the way we sneeze, and it probably is genetic in some ways," said Dr. Frederic Little, assistant professor of medicine at Boston University.

Dad, are you listening? Aaaaa...aaakshiiiiiii....


Sphinx said...

Bless you!

Rebus said...

Gesundheit; thats what I myself would have said if I had been around but then you are sneezing more in a train fashion so very well you are catching a cold or you got an allergy. Well in japanese fashion this is what they have to say

"Once being praised ('ichi homerare'),
Twice being detested ('ni nikumare'),
Three times being admired ('san horerare'),
And four times, you are going to catch a cold ('shi kaze o hiku')."

SO get yourself an appointment; you already have

ME said...

bless you:) But i don't think my kind of sneeze is mentioned here. Mine is ultrasonic. you can barely hear it! I guess something to do with my genes eh?

Jinguchakka said...

I am a "nice sneezer"

Madhooo said...

@sphinx: That is the only nice thing about sneezing.:) Thanks.

@rebus: :)))) You are absolutely correct. I found out that my sneezing was due to allergy. grrrrrrrrrr.:)))

@me: Wow! Your type of sneeze is much better than the loud, scary one.:))

@jinguchakka: Good for you.:)