Friday, March 12, 2010

My Fallen Idol

I have known him for so long. He used to be one of my idols in life.
Never ever thought that one day I would see him in this state.
What has addiction done to him? What happened to that guy who always used to be high on life?
Why did he feel the necessity to get addicted to those parasitic habits?
Why didn't he remember his family when he did that?
Why didn't he listen to our advice and requests about returning back to normalcy?

He slipped from his idol status so soon. He lost the good will that he had created all his life. He is almost on the verge of losing his job.

It is heart wrenching to see his daughter crying to get back her dad. It moves me to see his
wife pushing back those tears for her kids. It hurts me more when I see the bruises on her mind.
It may take a lifetime for her to come out of that trauma. It is hard to believe that she used to be
one of the most cheerful people around.

Will he rise from the ashes? Will he make himself capable of love and trust?
Will he prove his worth to all, especially his family?
He is a fallen idol now in my eyes.
He has gone away too far. Donno if we will ever trust him again. He will
have to work very hard for that and I hope he does.

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