Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let us get a bit nasty on Feb 18th;)

What the hell have been those educated, cultured girls in Rahul Mahajan's Swayamwar thinking? Are they just looking for fame and name or are they really looking forward to the wedding with Rahul Mahajan? That guy, of course, will turn out to be Mr.Rakhi Sawant. Hey, BTW, I just got an idea. How about a date between Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant? Hmmm...interesting!! May be I should work towards becoming a date broker.:)


All that halla gulla about "My Name is Khan". Donno what Shiv Sena has achieved by all of that. As someone rightly pointed out, they could have atleast spent all that energy against the terrorists in India. And I am sure, the terrorists would never step inside India after that. After all, who wants to be eaten by the tiger, I mean, beaten up by Bala Saheb????!!!

My fav actor has always been Aamir Khan. I have liked Shahrukh's acting in some movies. I have always admired Shahrukh's energy especially when it comes to songs. I have always thought of Aamir and Shahrukh as very different individuals but very good human beings.

Looking at recent events, I think Aamir needs to pick up few pages of diplomacy from Shahrukh. Of course, he has unmatched talent but his honest yet improper interfering words might dwarf his otherwise magnanimous talent. After all, we live in a society and we need people to live with, Aamir bhai. Maybe attending a couple of award functions would help.:) No, no, you can just be with the audience and clap the loudest for all the performances on stage. But, of course, with or without award functions and diplomacy, we love you, Aamir, and there is no question about that. :)


Everything is so quiet on Karnataka political front. Hmm....not the right sign. Yedi and Reddy, please make some noise or else Devegowda might go back to sleep because that is the time when he thinks. And you know what happens when he thinks! After all, he has two sons and one chair!!


BTW, I apologise for the delay of the pending articles in the "Shraddanjali to the three masters" series. It is just that I have not found some continuous free time yet. I intend to complete them as soon as possible. Thanks for bearing.:)

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