Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome back:)

Hallo everybody, how have you been doing? Yep, finally after that long hiatus, I am back to the blogging world.:) I honestly admit that I missed blogging in spite of so many changes that happened and are happening in my life. Our bundle of joy arrived on 10th June in the form of a baby girl. :) She has been named "Tunga"( It is the name of a river in Karnataka).

Needless to say, I spend most of my time with my daughter. I think I will need to start another blog about her 'coz I can go on and on endlessly about her.:)

It is amazing to see how a little one can affect so many lives positively!

Anyways, I shall start blogging regularly from now on. And that statement makes me damn happy.:)) I hope it makes you happy too.;)


krupesh said...

Good to see you back Madhu!

Madhooo said...

Thanx, krupesh.:)

i-me-moi said...

hey mads,

:D how have u been mommy dearest. wanted to meet you and baby but am currently jetsetting to wherever jets travel to.

i hope you are doing great. and so is tunga :) mail me some pics ya. same addy as orcl. only on gmail now.

love and hugs and huggies :D

Liquidator said...

Hey mother-India!!!
Thats fantastic for u. a welcome change... does she sing like u??? BTB tunga means strong.. you can update that on your blog!!!!