Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here I Come, Himalayas- The Final Day

The guide has already told us that it is going to be completely a journey by bus today. All of us are feeling a bit depressed about the end of the trip. But then we try to cheer up ourselves by playing Antakshari. We croon hindi songs all the way. I try to get a last glimpse of the mountains and the river. I hope to get back there some time again.

We reach Rishikesh at 5:30. We take a phatphati with the gujrathi family to Haridwar. Our train is at 11:30 PM. We have plenty of time left. So they advise us to go and have a look at the famous Haridwar aarti. Thanks to their generosity; we get a room at their guest house to keep our luggage. We immediately rush to the banks of Ganga where the aarti takes place. We manage to catch up with some final moments of the ritual.

It is such a big change from the silence in the mountains to the noisy crowd in Haridwar. People flock us forcing us for donations and poojas. We somehow make our way to Chotiwala ( a famous restaurant) and have our dinner. Both of us are very weary as it has been a long, tiring day. We go to the guest house, collect our luggage and leave to the railway station. All of a sudden, all the weariness has come to me, mainly because of the heat. As soon as the train arrives, we find our seats and sleep as if we have not slept for days. Needless to say, I dream of only Himalayas.:))


Amar Tumballi said...

hey :)

i feel little jealous about you.. the trek (ie, himalayan trek) is in my mind from long time.. but coudn't do it due to lot of reason. Nice to know that you completed it.

Madhooo said...

@amar: You must do this trek sometime soon.:)