Friday, September 22, 2006

About the real world, Steve Irwin............

Been away from the blogging world for quite some time now. After bathing in bliss in Himlayas, I found it a bit hard to get used to this routine again. Eveything seemed very unfamilar. I completely felt lost. But now, I am tracing back my steps and sadly getting into the routine.:) Welcome to the real world.:))


Sometimes mere words can cause heart aches. How we wish that we could let go off the pain which was caused by those dagger-like words!!!


Steve Irwin's death was one of the incidents that affected me. I did not watch his shows regularly. But when I watched them, his selfless love for the animals and his enthusiasm was very inspiring. In fact, I was not even aware of his last name. When my colleague informed me about his death, I did not know about which Steve was she talking about. Only when she told me that it was the croc guy, I recognized him!

My mom still grieves about his death. She is a big fan of his shows. She tells me that the sight of him crying over a dead croc was very touching.

I wonder why the best lot always disappear from this planet so early. May God give lot of strength to his family to bear this huge loss.


ME said...

welcome back:)

Madhooo said...

@me: Thank you so much.:))

Anonymous said...

For long I was also under the impression you completely lost your touch with the real world; welcome back.

And as its said God wants the good guys as much as we do!!