Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dangling, just dangling thoughts of mine!!!

Long time since I came here. Too many things on my hands and in my head! I hardly find time to sit and ponder over them. Sometimes I just go on finishing one after another without even taking that required break. Many a times, I do feel that it is just not wise to get into the depths of life. Probably that complicates things. May be the best way to live life is just to take each day as it comes. Someone said, "Eat, Drink and Make Merry".

But can we really finish with just that? Isn't life more than that? Donno. I am absolutely perplexed right now. As I mentioned before, too many thoughts clashing with each other. I need some quiet period, a reticent period. Probably it is time I got into my cocoon and then may be after some days, who knows- I might turn into a butterfly!:)

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