Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shraddanjali to the three masters - 1- Vishnuvardhan

I know that I am late in offering my tribute to the three people whose work and personalities I have always adored.

I am watching a shraddanjali programme on Dr.Vishnuvardhan right now. Lot of people are speaking about their memories of him.

I have always adored and respected Vishnuvardhan and Rajkumar equally. I always felt that they had their unique skills and abilities and both were unmatched. Hence I always used to be baffled whenever people spoke about the "supposed to be rivalry" between them. But according to most of their common friends, both the stars were definitely far away from being enemies and in fact, maintained a cordial relationship.

I mst admit that I got to know about Vishnu more only after his death. I watched numerous interviews of his friends, read a lot of articles about him. Only then I got to know his fondness for spirituality, his close friendships with quite a few people, his efforts to help people in need and his insecrities. And then I wondered about why we always realise the importance of a person after his/her death. I wonder why we cannot pay the same respect when the person is alive!

It was a painful sight to see Ambarish shedding tears for his best friend. Only then lot of us realised the depth of their friendship. Forty years of friendship! Wow!

It was sad to learn that Vishnuvardhan had gone into depression in his last days. But it seems that he had plans for his future and definitely, it was not an age for him to die. But then, it looks like the creator had other plans for him.

When I think of Vishnuvardhan, I remember his "Saahasa Simha", "Jimmy Gallu", "Bandhana", "Muttina Haara", "Hombisilu" and "Aaptha Mitra" and so on. I remember his songs - "Tuttu Anna Tinnoke", "Maamaravello Kogile Ello", "Noorondu Nenapu", "Kannada naadina jeevanadi", "Mareyada nenapanu", "Neralanu kaanada latheyante" etc. I also thought that he was one of the best looking actors especially in 80s.

I also associated myself with Vishnuvardhan coz he resembled one of my uncles, both in looks and perosnalities.

May God give his family, especially his wife, lots of strength to bear his demise and to move on. May his soul rest in peace always.

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