Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

It has been a month since I was introduced to the twitter world. It has been an interesting journey so far except that I really don't have anything interesting to tweet everyday. But I have been following lot of celebrity twitters and that has been interesting so far, especially Chetan Bhagat's tweets.

This thing called twitter is definitely a powerful tool if used in the right way. Somewhere I feel it is more effective than a blog. Why do I say so? Not many of them would have the patience to sit and read the whole post in a blog but a well thought short tweet can capture lots of attention ( ask Shashi Tharoor!) Who knows, tomorrow the tweets may become the basic code of communication!

But for me,I still need to tweet more and for that I need to make my life interesting. Oops! my daughter almost jumped on the laptop and now she is busy jumping on me( ah! the life of a toddler's mom) and here I was thinking of becoming a famous intellectual twitter!!!!May be I can kick off a new application for all moms and what shall I call it???? Did you say toddler???


Anonymous said...

Can u give us your tweeter id please. U write well and need to be connected

Madhooo said...

@Anonymous: I am not a regular at twitter yet. But will try to be one.:) My id is aarohana.