Friday, September 04, 2009

You have mail

I open my mail box eagerly to see if I have any new mail. Yep, there are many new mails in my inbox. I am ecstatic but all my exhilaration comes down when I see that those new mails are either ads or from mailing lists. Well, my inbox was not like this before. One would see plenty of mails from the huge network of friends of mine in my inbox, even though most of them were forwarded mails.:) and in turn, I would enjoy forwarding them to others.

So I sit to analyse the situation. Of course, the main change that has come about now is that I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and my whole day is centred around my kid. Obviously , I have not kept in touch with lot of my pals. And even if I am in touch with them, it is mainly through phone calls. Well, there goes my analysis. Hmmm, so I need to get in touch with all my pals and request them to flood my inbox with their mails ( ok, atleast forwards). So here I go, to begin working for the "YOU HAVE MAIL" message.:)


ಯಜ್ಞೇಶ್ (yajnesh) said...

Check ur inbox...You got a mail!!!


Madhooo said...

@Yajnesh: Thanks, my mail box definitely looks better now.:)))