Monday, May 18, 2009

Whom does your baby look like?

For all you to-be mums, I wanted to share something with you.

There is gonna be one important debate once your baby is born. No, no, it will not be about the name. I am sure you or your hubby or both of you would have decided about it. The main topic for the debate will be " Whom does your baby look like?". :)

The discussion on this never-ending topic is gonna start from the day one. Even before the baby gets accustomed to the outside light, the guessing and the assessing game begins. Some will say - "She looks like her father (or mother which depends)". Some will say -"She looks like her father only ( or mother only- again that depends)." And after every such assessment, they will look at you- no, no, not for approval but for your reaction. Nah, nah, never join them in this debate. You are better off as audience in this debate. So just nod your head and smile.:)

Believe it or not, I never knew that this issue could actually be debated upon. Even today I do not know whom do I exactly look like. Some say I look like my dad and some say I look like my mom. I think I have both their features in me. And I really don't care about it.:)

Anyways, after listening to all the debate around me, I look at my daughter and silently wish for her to have all the positive points from all of us. I wish for her to be just like herself- just her.:))


Rebus said...

Yep; her true identity; with just the gud amalgmation of our own.

Madhooo said...

You bet:)

Preeti said...

The worst I heard about my dotty is " she doesn't look like you both ... you both are beautiful" ...some people are mean ... just don't know how to shut them off.

Madhooo said...

@Preeti: Turning a deaf ear to such comments seems to be the best medicine